The Top Trainers and Groomers in India team up with Forever Star India

Apr 8, 2023 - 00:23
The Top Trainers and Groomers in India team up with Forever Star India
The Top Trainers and Groomers in India team up with Forever Star India

India’s Best Trainers and Groomers Join hands with Forever Star India 

According to the organizers, the biggest beauty pageant contest in the world, Forever Star India, which is taking place in India, has the best team of trainers and groomers for Miss India, Mrs. India, Miss Teen India, Miss FSIA, and Mrs. FSIA (International 2023) contests.

Let us tell you that these trainers and groomers will not only provide training and grooming for the participants from India but also for the participants from 139 other nations, which is an honor for the Indians.

The sources claim that the Talent Rounds would be live podcasted on the OTT platform and the YouTube channel following the grooming and training sessions.

Forever Star India is the first ever platform to have organized a live show with family and friends, and soon, celebrities will join hands with this exclusive platform!

In conversation with FSIA Head Groomer and Show Choreographer Shailza Suri 

World’s biggest beauty pageant Forever Star India needs no introduction. The platform is recognized as the biggest platform giving wings to many women who want to showcase their talent and creative skills on the national and international levels. 

According to the founder Rajesh Agarwal, the main goal of hosting an international beauty pageant is to inspire women all over the world and motivate them to showcase their untapped skills on a global stage.

Let us tell you India’s renowned trainers and groomers have joined hands with Forever Star India for upcoming beauty pageants like Miss India, Mrs. India, Miss Teen India, Miss FSIA, and Mrs. FSIA (International 2023).

Recently we had a small conversation with famous Groomer and Show Choreographer, Shailza Suri, who was an integral part of team Forever Star India pageantry and awards as the head groomer and show choreographer. 

‘It was delightful to be part of such a largest platform. FSIA is a porous platform that gives equal opportunities to girls and women across the globe to showcase their talent and potential, said Shailza Suri’

Adding her views about the organization, she stated, ‘It is an organization which gives you ample room to flourish and exhibit your professional intelligence. The work ethics and working environment is thoroughly professional. Founder and CEO Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal is a man with a futuristic vision and has adequate knowledge to turn it into reality.’

She further expressed her joy of joining hands with FSIA again, stating, ‘I have earned lots of love, respect, visibility, and job satisfaction while being with them for 3 years. Looking forward to yet another super gala and successful season of pageantry and awards in 2023!’

Moreover, according to the sources, celebrities are soon teaming up with the platform to show their love and encourage women across the globe.



Forever Star India is recognized as the world’s biggest and most-prestigious platform that supports and encourages women who wish to present their talent and creative abilities on the national and international levels.

We strongly believe in women empowerment and wish to empower every woman associating with us who has the zest to prove their mettle, says beauty pageant founder and organizer Mr. Rajesh Agarwal.

Apart from trainers and groomers, Dieticians also play a significant role in changing the personalities of the participants. We got a chance to have a small talk with famous dietician Sakshi Shekhar, who was part of the FSIA team for the last two successful seasons. She holds a position of a dietician, life skill trainer, and assistant show choreographer for Forever Star India.

The reliable platform of Forever Star India offers a ticket to successful opportunities, not only while the contest but also beyond that, as you get a chance to be a part of 'The FSIA Community' available through the application on Play Store & App Store, says Dietician Sakshi Shekhar.

She added further saying, ‘The training on Diet & Fitness, Ramp walk, Choreography, and Personality Development is a world-class experience for any amateur in the industry. You experience a remarkable change in your persona as you pass through the level of training starting from the city level, following which the state level, national, and international levels take place. It builds the core confidence in the participants and prepares them for the future.

With her previous two successful seasons, Sakshi Shekhar is proud of being a part of the FSIA Community again for the upcoming beauty contest of 2023.


Forever Star India is the world’s largest beauty pageant that offers a genuine platform to showcase the hidden talent and creative skills of women on the national and international levels. 

Rajesh Agarwal, the founder, says that the major objective of organizing an international beauty pageant is to motivate and inspire women all over the world to showcase their undiscovered talents on a big stage.

Let us inform you that Forever Star India has partnered with famous Indian trainers and groomers for upcoming beauty pageants such as Miss India, Mrs. India, Miss Teen India, Miss FSIA, and Mrs. FSIA (International 2023).

Recently, we had a small chat with the National winner of Forever Mrs. India 2022 (G2 Category), Mrs. Anshu Khanna. While expressing her views, she said, “FSIA is a great organization and I am enjoying my association with this wonderful team as a Mentor and Trainer for their upcoming beauty events.”

She further added saying, “Walking on the ramp is a dream of every single woman, and FSIA is the only platform in the world with a unique concept, allowing every single woman to fulfil their dreams. This is FSIA’s third season, and we are getting tremendous responses worldwide. My best wishes to FSIA and all the participants!” 

Also, according to the sources, renowned individuals from Bollywood will soon collaborate with the platform to support and inspire women all around the world.

In conversation with FSIA Mentor and Gujarat Face of the Year 2021 Garima Saxena

The rise and popularity of Forever Star India are increasing with each passing day. The platform has grabbed the attention because of its authenticity. It is one of the biggest and proudest platforms that hold beauty pageants on the national and also on international levels.

Let us tell you, many renowned trainers, groomers, and mentors have collaborated with this genuine platform to encourage and empower women and their upscale qualities on a global level.

Meet one such personality, Garima Saxena from Ahmedabad, Gujarat state who was the winner of two titles, Miss Gujarat Face of the year 2021 and Miss Ahmedabad 2021.

Expressing her views on the FSIA platform, she shares, “I was made a judge for auditions and talent rounds in 2022. FSIA also made me a mentor for virtual presence and ramp walking. This mentorship expanded my professional mannerism. It centered my personality to be calm, composed, and humble. It allowed me to understand participants' perspectives and guide them accordingly.”

She continued saying, “FSIA even provided an opportunity to perform as an actress in a music video. This is the only platform in India that can give ample space to grow oneself. It induces confidence and empowers women. It entrusts women in our society to be brave enough to pursue dreams as per their vision and purpose in life. I like to encourage every girl and woman to take part in FSIA. It will leave you with many learning experiences for life.”

While encouraging women across the country, Garima encouraged them by saying, “Start your journey with FSIA to chase your dreams & enhance your personality to grow more in the social environment. Be the next star of this industry with this super exciting journey with us. And I will guide you with a lot of training sessions for this year with exciting surprises. So, the roadmap to success is just one step away. Register yourself with the team of queens. And we are here to welcome you!”


Forever Star India has been recognized as one of the biggest platforms holding beauty pageants nationally and internationally. The platform offers grooming and training sessions before the contest by renowned trainers making their participants more confident and bolder on stage.

Recently, we had a conversation with Manushi Parmar. She was a participant in Miss Teen Category last year and won the crown of Miss India 1st Runner up in 2022.

Expressing her views, Manushi says, “I am immensely grateful to be on this platform as a mentor.”

Manushi has come a very long way from where she started her journey. She praised the platform for its genuineness and authenticity.

Manushi tells aspiring competitors, "If you can dream it, you can do it! You must have the self-assurance that you are deserving this because you are meant for it. Your intuition is the most potent thing in the world. So kindly believe in yourself and recognise your value, my darling girls, and you will be able to realise all of your goals. Forever Star India, I appreciate your love and support.

The founder of FSIA, Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, states, "We believe in women's empowerment and the creative potential that women possess. Through this platform, we hope to inspire women all throughout the country to showcase their creativity and believe in their skill.



Forever Star India has raised its popularity by organizing various beauty pageants on the national and international levels. Because of its genuineness, it has been recognized as a trusted platform that not only empowers women but also encourages them in their future careers.

Talking about the proud founder of Forever Star India, Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, he always wishes to empower women and stand in this ever-competitive world. I strongly believe in women's empowerment, and I will help every woman who has the urge to prove her talents and abilities. FSIA is for them, says the founder.

Let us tell you, it has been our honor to have a small conversation with one of the finest trainers and mentors from Maharashtra who started her journey with FSIA as a contestant and now working with them as a trainer and mentor. Let’s meet Rajlaxmi Chavan!

Forever Miss Maharashtra Shining Star 2021 Rajlaxmi Chavan expresses her views on the FSIA platform saying, ‘I entered the platform of forever start India as a contest in season 1, and I was impressed with its authenticity and extravaganza. I came across many fake platforms and fake promises. But it was my luck, and I was destined to join India’s biggest beauty pageant Forever Star India.’

Further adding, she said, ‘After winning the title of Miss Maharashtra Shining Star 2021, I got the opportunity to train and mentor contestants on the same platform where I got crowned. This is my third year of being associated with Forever Star India and my second year of working as a trainer and jury member with them. I finally got associated with a like-minded community where ‘We grow together!”

Concluding her views, she said, “Forever Star's unique concepts make it strongly stand out of the crowd. Our vision is to work on woman empowerment globally, and I claim with immense gratitude that Season 3 of Forever Star India is going to make history and set an extraordinary example for coming Generations.”


In conversation with Former Miss Forever Face of Karnataka 2021 Saloni Gusain- Ramp Walk Expert

In the realm of beauty pageants, Forever Star India is a name that is on the upswing. The platform is renowned as one of the finest and glitziest platforms for inspiring women worldwide to showcase their unexplored abilities on a national and international level.

Many aspects around the participants need to flourish and be improvised by the experts. Meet Saloni Gusain, a professional who has partnered with Forever Star India and was named Miss Forever Face of Karnataka 2021 as one such expert.

We have had got a chance to speak with her about Forever Star India and its experiences. While expressing her views, Saloni said, “I immensely felt proud when I started my modelling journey with FSIA. It was indeed a magnificent journey. Exactly two years back, I was a candidate who was curious to learn new things and explore my talent. I feel that registering with FSIA was my right decision. After being crowned Miss Forever Face of Karnataka 2021, it was no looking back for me. FSIA has helped me grow in my journey by giving me the opportunities like launching my three music videos as an actress.”

She continued, "I have been working with FSIA Community for the past two years as a mentor and trainer for the gorgeous participants. My transition from training for the beauty pageant to serving as a Ramp Walk expert and assistant choreographer for FSIA Miss  India 2022, Mrs. India 2022 explains that if you have the potential to stand up for your goals, FSIA will support you every step of the way to help you achieve your dreams and shape your talent as well as your personality in the best way possible!

To provide a genuine platform for women across the world and to encourage women empowerment, we have created the FSIA platform says the proud founder Mr. Rajesh Agarwal!



The biggest beauty pageant in the world, Forever Star India, is recognized as one of the top platforms for staging competitions both nationally and internationally.

It was our immense pleasure to talk with the stunning beauty, Shilpi Banerjee who was crowned as the first-ever Mrs. FSIA International in 2022. She joined FSIA as a trainer and groomer for the 2023 season.

Expressing her views and pride about FSIA, Shilpi says, “Being associated with such a great organization truly blessed me throughout my journey. FSIA is praised in the field of women empowerment. FSIA has embarked on a mission made in tapping and nurturing hidden talent across the nation and was positively contributing towards nation building.”

Let us tell you the auditions for this season 2023 have already started, and Shilpi Banerjee is a part of the FSIA team sharing her experience as a mentor and trainer for the fresh participants.

She looked very confident in molding the participants into a new glamorous avatar and was blessed to contribute to working towards the FSIA vision.

She concluded by saying, “This coming season has many surprises, and I really feel proud to join such a huge platform, and I am looking forward to it!”


World’s largest beauty pageant Forever Star India is acclaimed as one of the best platforms for holding beauty contests at the national and international levels.

Very recently, we got an opportunity to converse with one of the finest Model trainers and groomers for the national and international pageantry, Sunidhi Khare. Talking about her expertise, Sunidhi is one of the title holders of the Miss FSIA International 2022, a stunning fashion designer at NIFT Mumbai.

Expressing her views about Forever Star India, she says, “It takes immense pride in being a part of this Organization that empowers women by giving wings to their dreams based on their talents and beauty inside out.

Here at FSIA, the candidates are not just judged based on their Height, weight, or any other form of physical appearance. We believe in the beauty they hold inside and how they portray the same outside with confidence.

Talking about the uniqueness of various talent rounds, Sunidhi says, “The audition and talent rounds are held online makes it possible for every woman in India to participate in the ease of their home without investing time and money in traveling. And these online auditions also go live on YouTube and the OTT platform of FSIA making everything transparent and unique. After the city round, the candidates become eligible for the most beautiful experience of their life as a model on the ramp at State, National, and international levels, where they are given multiple opportunities to grow as a model including multiple portfolio shoots and Ramp walk with the guidance of us, the team of experts who will be grooming them into becoming the best version of themselves.”

Summing up with some surprises, Sunidhi concludes by saying, “A lot more exciting things have been planned for the coming season of 2023, and I look forward to it with lots of new candidates with enthusiasm and excitement.”